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Registered: 11.07.2016
11.07.16 23:16:19
To: Schlemma
I have a LITTLE experience in programming. I followed the advice posted by Schlemma but to no use. It worked to make really short videos (like 3 minutes). Question: Could it be that AVS Video Editor uses up unnessecarily big amounts of memory? If so I suggest that you create a special batch mode for rendering. The interface has many "gadgets" so I'm guessing it takes a lot of resources.
Do you agree?
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Registered: 03.07.2008
12.07.16 11:19:47
To: SiggeSvahn

Dear user

To avoid the issue please try to follow the recommendations:

- download, unzip and run the file "economy mode".

- download, unzip and place AVSVideoEditor file to your harddrive folder C:\Program Files\AVS4YOU\AVSVideoEditor replacing the old one.

Inform about the result please.

Kind regards
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Registered: 05.08.2016
05.08.16 13:25:40
To: Nat


Yesterday I upgraded my Video Editor, since I wanted to edit 4K footage.
I did the upgrade, but when I tried to render my video I got the same message as everyone in here.
I read somewhere it could be the overlay video's, so I tried deleting them and rendering.
Again, error code.
I reïnstalled, again error code.
Now I followed your guidelines and replaced the 'AVSVideoEditor' file.
Tried again, rendering stopped at the exact same spot as before and same code(s).
Is there no solution to this, than?
The 4k files were pre-edited to MP4. And the option is available in this program, so what can I do now?
I've been using AVS for years and I'd rather not switch to another program, this is easy in use.
I'll add the screenshots of the code that appears (in Dutch though, but you'll recognise them.)
Can you help me, please?


Attached files:
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Registered: 12.07.2011
09.08.16 10:27:06
To: VDJ80

Hello Vera,

In order to resolve the issue I need some additional information:

<1> Whether he error message appears only with this particular project.

<2> Whether the problem persists at the exact place when producing the video.

Thank you for cooperation.
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Registered: 05.08.2016
08.09.16 19:19:36
To: Hello Lynxy,

I started over again, a new project, and strangely it does always happen at the same spot (video fragment.)
Before I get to save it the program 'needs to be shut down' now.
These are MP4 files, 4K, video fragments of my wedding.
I've been trying to edit them for a while, but at some point, not even three minutes in, it gives this error message.


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Registered: 12.07.2011
09.09.16 08:39:40
To: VDJ80

Hi Vera,

Thank you very much for the details!

Please launch AVS Video ReMaker >> import your video file (which evidently causes the issue) >> click on ReMake Now! >> then import the result video into AVS Video Editor and try to work.

Does the problem persist?
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Registered: 05.08.2016
19.09.16 11:11:43
To: Lynxy

I found the problem. It happens everytime I put in an Overlay.
These just don't work.
I will try to do this reMaker. See it it helps at all.
Thank you,

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Registered: 12.07.2011
20.09.16 07:32:51
To: VDJ80

Dear Vera,

Thank you for the information.

We look forward to the result after remaking your video files.
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Registered: 05.08.2016
22.09.16 16:51:51
To: Lynxy

After trying to render my video for the +20th time, still no good.
I rendered the video without subtitles, than placed it on the timeline again (rendered as 4K iPhone 6s, MP4 file) with photo's and other footage on the overlay.
And every time it reaches the Overlay files it crashes.
I thought maybe I had to render everything separate, but even then it won't work.
So, if I have to make conclusions about this problem, it's that video-overlay just won't work?
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Registered: 12.07.2011
23.09.16 08:32:15
To: VDJ80

Dear Vera,

Please accept our apologies that the issue persists.

I would greatly appreciate if you could try some simple steps that may help:

<1> Switch off Intel Media Codec following Edit >> Settings >> Processing tab >> Intel Media Codec >> choose Disable and set up Single-thread conversion.

<2> Disable Show line groups and Show sound wave form following Edit >> Settings >> Processing tab >> Edit >> remove the markers from Disable Show line groups and Show sound wave form.

<3> Re-launch AVS Video Editor.

<4> When placing media files on the Timeline, wait till the cache process is finished for all of them.

<5> Try to place 1-2 overlay videos in your project and produce. Does the issue persist?
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Registered: 23.11.2016
23.11.16 19:06:49
This is a very frustrating error code to get, as you all know. The ONLY thing that has helped me get past this is to do the following:
1) Begin producing your video project and keep "Show Preview" checked to you can monitor where you're at in the project while the program renders/compiles. I realize this requires you to watch the compile process which can be time consuming. But it may be less time consuming then having to re-do your project all over again.
2) When the error pops up, unfortunately the preview will disappear. But if you've been watching, you'll note where you were in your project right before the error code is displayed.
3) Exit out of the error code and go back to editing. Specifically, go to the part in the project where the error code occurred. Typically, there will be an edit you've made, or some overlay or title you've added, or SOMETHING you've done to your video at that point. Remove that "something" and if you can live without it, don't add it back. If it's crucial to your project, try to add it back in a slightly different place in your video or be creative and add something different that may provide essentially the same result. The main point here, is that the Video Editor is flunking out on a particular edit you made (for whatever reason). And that part has to be removed or changed somehow.
4) Save your project (I usually save it as a different project name) and then click on the Produce button. Choose your options as you did before and this time, the error code shouldn't be a problem.
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Registered: 03.07.2008
24.11.16 07:12:05
To: quasar51

Thank you for the helpful recommendations.
The error usually occurs due to the fact that computer resources are not enough to process the command.
Our developers are working to overcome the issue.
Thank you for understanding and cooperation.
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