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Registered: 17.12.2010
20.12.10 10:10:23
To: Vlad
Hi Vlad, my DVD Player is an OPPO DV-981HD, I used HP DVD+R discs.
My discs did not play on my PC and it did not play on my friends DVD player. After discovering
that the 2 discs did not play, I went back into Video Editor, opened my project, and immediately
Produced" it again. The resulting disc did not play either. Now, I don't remember if I than immediately
restarted my PC or whether I got out of Video Editor and restarted it again. In any case, I reopened
my project and "produced" it again. This time, the resulting disc did play ok. I then opened the other
project that did not play and "produced" it again. It too, played ok. In both cases I did not make any
changes to my Project or Menu before reproducing them.

I am using Video Editor 5.2. However, back on 11/18 I also had the problem on an earlier version of
Video editor.
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24.12.10 06:56:47
To: hjsaka

Did not ask about the model of your burner... However, there seems to be compatibility issue with the burner and discs. Sometimes several blank discs from the whole package can be defected. We usually recommend to use Verbatim and TDK blank discs to avoid problems. I would also advise you installing the latest firmware for your burner and reinstalling AVS programs using the instructions here.
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28.02.11 17:08:24

I am using AVS video converter to convert and burn a DVD; the file I am converting is a .WMV file. However, the DVD will not play in a standard DVD player in Europe?
I am converting to PAL and burning it to DVD - when I insert it in a DVD player it reads the DVD and spits it out again - am I doing something wrong or is AVS video converter not actually finalising the DVD?


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Registered: 29.01.2012
01.03.11 02:44:05
To: kevina


Could you please specify the model of you DVD player? What types of dvd discs does it support?

Also, please make sure that you have the latest version AVS Video Converter 7.

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Registered: 17.03.2011
18.03.11 17:52:40
install and activated the converter. loaded video clips from my camcorder into computer. used window video maker to edit clip and saved into computer files. followed by using window video maker to convert edited clips to avi files. then use AVS video converter to convert these files into DVD. Can not view disc in my DVD machine. Help? did use video converter to put chapters in window avi files but did not do manu. these are NOT DVD-RW discs. convert to NTSC DVD files. Any ideas?
thanks for your time
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21.03.11 09:06:57
To: telus


I'm addressing you the same questions as in the post above. Please provide this information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.
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Registered: 11.04.2011
12.04.11 15:53:24
To anyone,

I'm also having trouble with playi ng the discs I create in the US. I'm using SP 120 min. Sony DVD-RW discs and trying to play in a Sony DVD player and Sony TV, all less than a year old. I've also tried to play the disc on an LG DVD player. On both players, I get the message "cannot read this disc" My discs will play on my PC, but not the DVD Players. I've had this program for about 5 days and haven't gotten one to play yet.

What do you mean about finalising the disc? At what point in the burning process do I have that option? After many, many sessions of converting and reconverting, burning and re-burning, I have not ever seen "finalise disc" as an option.

I really don't want to ask for a refund. I obviously bought the program to perform a task that I still need done. Does anyone have an answer for me? Why do I not get an answer to the messages I've sent to Support?

Thank you if you can help me,
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Registered: 11.04.2011
12.04.11 16:04:09
In addition to my last message, I would like to say that my burner is working fine and I have read the created disc. I am using the NTSC SP 120/217 output format option and I have the following files:



Those are all the files getting burned to the disc and it won't play on a DVD player.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
13.04.11 07:14:10
To: codinab


I suppose you are using AVS Video Converter, right? Which version do you have?

Disc is finalized at the latest staged. Also, there you should be checked Finalized option in Burner application before start burning DVD.

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05.04.18 10:12:59
Hi! Have a problem.

the player is almost new. included 10 times. I listen to music in dvd audio format and sacd. recently inserted a disc in the player - after much thought writes no disk. inserted both DVD and CD - the same result.

What could it be?

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09.04.18 06:59:35
To: Nice 1ce

Dear user,

Have you created the disk in AVS4YOU software?

What is the origin of the disk?

Check some other disks to playback in the player.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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