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Registered: 19.06.2019
19.06.19 05:02:30

I am doing a project, where primarily there's a sound recording playing (pre- recorded, no issues here), and pictures being supplemented along, as per the context of what's being currently said. After editing, I end up at a greatly perfect video, where the pics align exactly with what's being said. This shows in preview. However, when I produce the video, the pictures mismatch with the audio (come before the topic related to them starts in the recording). I've tried checking the video multiple times, editing again and again, playing it to make sure that the pictures don't mismatch because of any of the editing, but still I arrive at a perfect video in preview mode. Production destroys that.

I'm currently using AVS Video Editor

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19.06.19 05:43:46
To: DarPar

We need to check your VEP-project and input media files. And please specify the configuration of your PC (Windows version, CPU, GPU), settings in the Settings -> Acceleration and Profile for conversion.
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19.06.19 06:37:06
To: RomanN

Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz 2.27 GHz
4.00 GB (3.90 GB usable)
64-bit Operating System

No GPU, other then onboard graphics.

Pic of Acceleeration image is attached. Can't find Profile in settings menu. vep file also attached. Images and sound also attached, compressed in a rar file.
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19.06.19 06:42:10
vep file
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06.07.19 05:24:01
No support? :(
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08.07.19 08:40:20
To: DarPar

Dear user,

We have tested your project.

Could you send your output file to our FTP server, so we could check it with our output.

I will send you the information on how to upload the file to our FTP server via AVS4YOU support system. Please use your e-mail address and forum password to log in to AVS4YOU support system.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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