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Registered: 19.06.2014
08.06.15 04:54:50

I am trying to launch Audio Editor and it has frozen on my on the last 3 straight attempts. I've ran the Registry Cleaner app, and also downloaded a fresh copy from the AVS website, and I still cannot get it to launch. It just freezes on the first splash screen.

Is there anything else I can do?
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10.06.15 08:13:16
To: ry1633

Dear user,

Please send a bug report to AVS Support System to find out the reason of the problem.

Please, find in the attached AVSAudioEditor.zip file > unzip it > put the files to the following folder C:\Program Files\AVS4YOU\AVSAudioEditor (replacing the existing .exe file)

When the error repeats the dialog box should appear offering to send us bug-report. When you agree, the email client will be opened with the attached bug report, please send it to us.

If the dialog box won't appear, please try to find the bug-report in the Temp folder:

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp

The bug-report archive looks like this BugReport (AVS Audio Editor 150518-110839.zip

Or you may find separate bug-report files:

BugReport (AVS Audio Editor Dump.dmp
BugReport (AVS Audio Editor Log.elf
BugReport (AVS Audio Editor ScreenShot.png
BugReport (AVS Audio Editor Log.xml

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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