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Registered: 27.03.2011
27.03.11 09:33:02

When I start the conversion process, my application stops immediately and will not convert to any format, regardless of the size of the video. I have installed the most basic video (MP4 fomat) and it just stops. No problem in editing, No problem in playback, and preview mode. Just conversion.

I activated yesterday, and immediately created an AVI with the software for a longer video, and now nothing else will be produced. I reinstalled the suite of apps afterwards, I turned on Virus Scan and have tested it as many ways as I can. I have 3 Gig memory, and a P4 3152MHZ computer. When I try to prodduce and

What can I do? I need to produce something quickly, because I got this for a project that I need to send by April 1. I can send my video to AVS for production and troubleshoot further. Thanks!

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Registered: 27.03.2011
27.03.11 09:35:16
More information. Memory never gets above 1 Gig used. CPU never shows more than 50% utilized.
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29.03.11 03:48:11
To: the_weltons@msn.com

Please check the discussion in this topic.

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