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Registered: 13.07.2008
13.07.08 11:20:59
I have been using video editor for awhile with no problems until I bought the reg. key now when I open a project after it loads it it immediately gives an error message abnormal program termination. I've tried redownlaoding and still the same if I try to start a new project it just freezes up..any clues thanks
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Registered: 16.05.2008
15.07.08 06:21:10
To: davefelix

To solve that problem, please follow:

C:>>Program Files>>Common Files>>AVSMedia>>Licence and delete Licence folder


Go Local Disc (C:)>> Documents and Settings >> All Users >> Application Data >> AVS4YOU >> Licence

and rename licence folder (to Licence_1 for example) and launch the software. It will turn into unregistered version. Then inform us about the result. Does it give any error?

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Registered: 30.11.2008
30.11.08 05:49:26
I have a related problem.

I have just installed the same program, and upon attempting to run it I get the same error message, even before it opens.
I've looked in both the folders mentioned.

C:>>Program Files>>Common Files>>AVSMedia>>Licence
(C:)>> Documents and Settings >> All Users >> Application Data >> AVS4YOU >> Licence

There is no license folder, nor a folder AVS4YOU folder with a licence

I did install the Audio Audio Editor without a problem
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Registered: 16.05.2008
02.12.08 05:57:22
To: Micronair


Please precise your PC configuration and operating system you have. Please try also download and install AVS Video Converter. Launch it. Does it give any error?
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Registered: 08.01.2009
02.12.08 05:58:22
Just registered and downloaded Video Editor and Video Authoring - when I try to open either of these programs the following error message pops up: Abnormal Program Termination - then it connects me back to the registration site - I suppose it wants me to pay again? What is the solution for this problem?
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Registered: 16.05.2008
11.01.09 04:14:40
To: drod15879

Please try the solutions above and inform me about the result
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Registered: 03.02.2009
03.02.09 12:46:56

I`ve got the same problem.
Even it take approx 15 min to load the project.
Is ist possible, that the project is to big? How many mpg-Files can be handle from the VideoEditor?
I`ve also have no lincence-folder although i`ve registerd the program.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
13.02.09 03:34:58
To: fisyhase

We have found a possible solution to this problem.

Please save the file attached to the following folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\AVSMedia\ActiveX
If a window pops up asking whether you would like to overwrite the existing file, please click on Yes.

Then run Repair utility in order to register the .dll:
1. Close AVS Video Converter and all other running programs and applications.
2. Next follow Start > All Programs > AVS4YOU > Repair

Please inform us on the result.

Best regards.

(The .dll has been deleted, as it has been included into the latest update. Update AVS files following Start > Programs > AVS4YOU > AVS Update Manager)
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Registered: 22.01.2009
06.03.09 01:46:02
To: vivpet122

You post has been moved. Please follow the link.
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Registered: 29.03.2009
06.03.09 01:47:02
All of a sudden all my avs4you programs have quit working, I'm unable to open any of them. I've tried deleting all the programs and re-installing and I still getthe abnormal program termination error.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
31.03.09 01:22:38
To: newbomb

In order to clear up the problem, we need some additional information:
- provide some more information on AVS programs you have been using (which programs exactly, which versions);
- describe your actions step by step and specify the exact moment the error occurs;
- attach your PC configuration.

Thank you in advance
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Registered: 31.03.2009
01.04.09 04:22:18

I am using AVS Video Converter v6 on a Windows XP SO.

I always convert files from Batch.

AVS always throws an "abnormal program termination" error third or four hours after it starts.

How could I solve this problem???

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Registered: 22.01.2009
01.04.09 05:39:00
To: isanchez

First please update AVS files following Start > Programs > AVS4YOU > AVS Update Manager to make sure that all the latest program components are installed on your PC.

Also please specify:
- the format and origin of the files you convert,
- how many files you import into the program,
- total size of these files,
- the preset you select when converting the files.

This information would help us to reproduce the problem.
Hope to hear from you soon
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Registered: 05.08.2009
26.09.09 08:27:23
I recently posted this issue directly on the support page ( the AVS response is in red ):

Using VE 4. I combined several small videos and saved it as a new movie. Since I had no need for the small videos any more I deleted them. When I tried to open VE4 again to work on a new project it wouldn't open - "error, can't find file" for each of the small ones then another window "Abnormal Prog. Termination". Is this how you think the application should work? (not very friendly). How can I start VE4?
If I rename some other avi to those names will it be happy ? Don

The fact is, that you have saved the editing not as video file, but as a project (.vep4), and AVS Video Editor projects
do not consist of those files, which you used for editing, but rather of links to those files on your PC. Thus if you change
the location of the files or delete the original files, the project becomes corrupted. That is why we recommend our users
to save the edited movies/slideshows as files rather than as projects.

As to your current project file, unfortunately you need to create the project anew.
This time we would recommend to save it as movie. The instructions you can find here:

The responder missed the fact that I had already saved/created a final movie; and that my main problem is that I cannot open VideoEditor 4 at all.

With this project when I was finished with my work I first saved the project. I then created a movie of it successfully.
When I close the program after finishing a movie it tells me that the [project] has changed and asks if I want to save it -
this seems superfluous since I had saved the final project and have created the resultant movie -which play fine on player.
So I don't usually save it again. This project became different because I totally did not need any of the small videos any longer so I deleted them.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
28.09.09 00:07:13
To: Donbo

Try reinstalling the program: delete all AVS files from your PC and then download AVS Video Editor anew.

1. Go Start> All Programs> AVS4YOU> Uninstall.

2. Go Start> Run... Print regedit in the opened window and click OK. In the opened Registry Editor window please find and delete all AVS4YOU folders:

3. Go Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > AVS4YOU (delete it).
Go Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > Common Files> AVSMedia (delete it).
Go Local Disc (C:) > Documents and Settings > All Users > Application Data > AVS4YOU (delete it).

Also delete files from VE media library:
follow C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Application Data\AVS4YOU\AVSVideoEditor\Data and delete MediaLibrary.vec.

Now download the program anew.

Please inform us about the result.
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Registered: 05.08.2009
28.09.09 13:35:51
To: nadin

Before I uninstall everything let me interject something. A few weeks ago I was suspicious of some general PC issues so I installed Pareto Logic anti-spyware ( free - scan only); also AdAware (Lavasoft) . I didn't like the Pareto Logic so I eventually
uninstalled it but got PC Tools Spyware Doctor which does do repairs.

After discovering the current problem I'm having with VE4 I entered the first question to AVS on the main support page. 2 days later I was scanning with Spyware Doctor and it came up with some problem with AVS Vid.Ed. I didn't realize it but had Spyware Doctor do the repairs and it seemed to remove all of my AVS applications. So I did then download ( 9/20/09) the latest ver. of
Vid Ed and Audio Ed. I think the Audio ed. works OK , but still the same Ab Prog Term with VE.

When looking at my directory structure ( folders/subfoldrs/files ) it does not look like anything was actually deleted. But some AVS shortcuts were removed from my desktop and the AVS software navigator seemed to not show my applications. Now it seems OK.

Today I ran another Spyware Doctor scan - I don't think it found any problems with AVS today. But I did see where I can look at entries on the Quarantine list and the AVS listing is there. Perhaps you can advise me on how to avoid any AVS issues on future scans since I don't want to inadvertently miss tolerable hits on Spyware Doctor and inadvertently foul up my/your applications again. screen shot of the quarantine is attached.
You may notice that I have some older version on drive J: . I would like to keep those and not unintall them since I think I read elsewhere on the forum that older projects are not recognized by new versions .

Thanks Don
Attached files:
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Registered: 22.01.2009
29.09.09 03:10:00
To: Donbo

Please still delete all AVS files from disc C: following the instruction and install the newest software to the same disc C:. Then to launch AVS Video Editor follow Start > Programs > AVS4YOU > Video > AVS Video Editor. Please inform us whether the program is started without any problems after that.

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Registered: 05.08.2009
30.09.09 15:58:31
To: nadin

I tried the uninstall/reinstall. Uninstalled all AVS apps. from C:
deleted Program Files > AVS4YOU , Common Files> AVSMedia , All Users > Application Data > AVS4YOU
and AVSVideoEditor\Data and delete MediaLibrary.vec.

I did not do the regedit ; thought I might foul it up and lose my AVS appls on J: too.

I reinstalled VE, but still have the same problem - tried to launch from desktop shortcut, from Start>AVS4you, and from
the VE4.exe file - nothing worked.

I also tried to disable Spyware Doctor ( after the fact) but still no help. I also noticed that Spyware Doctor
just came up with a new suspicious infection in Reg. key re. Leader Tech / Power Register . I'm not sure if that's
something AVS might use in applying the registration license to the applications. ??? I attached a copy of that
quarantine report as a .jpg.

Thanks Don
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Registered: 22.01.2009
01.10.09 07:16:25
To: Donbo

To avoid the problem we'd still rather recommend deleting all AVS files, incl. cleaning up the registry, in order to make sure that your PC is clean and the latest versions get installed correctly.

I would like to keep those and not unintall them since I think I read elsewhere on the forum that older projects are not recognized by new versions .
Do you mean you would like to keep AVS Video Editor v.3.5 on the other hard disc? Only projects created with this version cannot be opened with v.4, as for the older version (v.4.1), projects created there can be opened successfully with the latest version (v.4.2) as well. Please also check up the support page for the further private information.

Best regards
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Registered: 05.08.2009
04.10.09 08:40:37
To: nadin

I did the full uninstall including regedit and reinstalled. The VE is now running. *DRINK* So I guess I should save my work at the end [again] and not delete component video files until I have removed them from the VE workspace and started a new project ???

You didn't comment on Leader Tech / Power Register - I haven't put my product registration back on for VE - but I don't think AVS uses this - right ? And I have run Spyware Doctor again and don't see any AVS alerts. :-)*YAHOO*

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