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Registered: 17.09.2008
25.09.08 18:28:16
To: Dam
Well...... how come I can listen to it before I convert it?
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Registered: 17.09.2008
25.09.08 18:54:42
So that mean no one can hear it unless they have the AVS DVD PLAYER? If that is the case I wan my money back :(
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Registered: 16.05.2008
26.09.08 00:56:06
So that mean no one can hear it unless they have the AVS DVD PLAYER?

That means, that at the conversion (to mpeg your case) we use MP2 as an audio format. That is possible, that MP2 is not supported/recognized by some media players (Windows Media Player for example) but is recognized by other players, for example by the AVS DVD Player.

Best Regards
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Registered: 13.05.2010
13.05.10 14:53:49
I am having a very similar problem with my AVS Video Editor. After I burn the DVD and try to play it on my computer the video works but there is no sound. But I can take the DVD to another computer or to a DVD Player and it works fine. I have no idea what is causing this problem, but I did notice that my icon for volume control has disappeared from the system tray. I have spent hours reading over similar problems in this forum but have noticed that it is never fixed, it seems that people find a way around the problem and you guys drop the issue there. Obviously this isn't just a fluke incident and it needs to be resolved. I really enjoy using your products but if I am going to pay for a product I expect it to work as intended with out any work arounds. Thanks for your help.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
17.05.10 11:45:57
To: sbickle@phillipsmay.com


The issue may be in audio codecs installed on your computer or in sound card drivers. Try updating drivers and install audio codec pack on your computer. We recommend k-lite codec pack as it has all necessary codecs to play videos on your PC.

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Registered: 22.05.2010
22.05.10 09:12:32

I just installed AVS Media player and it works well but if I move the window while playing a video it shutdown my computer?

I un-install couple time and re-install but still same thing.

Any ideas why this happen?

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Registered: 03.07.2008
24.05.10 01:59:17
To: bllanko2082

First please make sure you use the latest version of AVS Media Player.
Please attach your PC configurations and specify the OS you use. Do you get the same problem if you playback different files of any formats or one particular file?
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Registered: 16.02.2015
16.02.15 22:03:23
I am trying to use the AVS Video Converter to convert AVCHD files (.MTS) to a format that is compatible with most DVD players. I select the "TO DVD" menu and proceed through the conversion process. When the conversion is complete and I proceeded to burn it to DVD, however the audio does not come across.

I also tried a different format for the source file (.MP4) and used the same process but the audio doesn't work with this source format either. Both files play fine on my PC with Win Media Player.

Please advise how to fix the audio.
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Registered: 03.07.2008
18.02.15 13:58:49
To: jtsumas

Dear user,

To avoid the problem please try to completely uninstall AVS4YOU software from your PC following the instructions below:

1. Go Start > All Programs > AVS4YOU > Uninstall. Please make sure to click the "Check All" button.

2. Follow this link and download the utility that will automatically remove all AVS software components from your PC. Save the utility on your computer and launch it.

3. Download the latest versions of the necessary programs from our website:
Now install the software on your PC anew.

Best regards.
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Registered: 01.07.2015
19.07.15 15:50:40
Hi Jtsumas, just curious on this issue. Did a quick reinstall help here with your issue by any chance?
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Registered: 25.03.2017
25.03.17 23:30:04
I patiently went through the posts all the way from 2009 to when it stopped in 2015. We are now in 2017 and I have just encountered the very same problem. Audio plays fine in the input file that is in WMV format. I just downloaded the latest version of AVS4U Video converter. hen I convert to MP4 or WebM - video plays fine but no audio.

Please help
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Registered: 03.07.2008
27.03.17 11:55:29
To: pradipsethi@yahoo.com

Dear user,

Please send the file you have problem with to our FTP server.

Check AVS4YOU support system for the instructions on how to do it.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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