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Registered: 24.05.2022
24.05.22 03:27:57
Hello all,

I have been using AVS Video Editor for probably over a decade now, and I have always been plagued with it being GUARANTEED to butcher my audio files with distortion as elaborately discussed in this old thread:


For over the last 10+ years, my workaround to this FATAL issue with AVS was to create a "Draft" video in AVS, and then opening that video in another video editing program (Windows Movie Maker). Then I mute the audio in the video created by AVS and mix the audio file. The file I then output from Windows Movie Maker becomes my "Final" video.

However, I think it's long overdue for the people at AVS to actually address the issue.
I have updated to the latest version ( and the situation has not improved at all.

The file plays fine when in the Media Library, but as soon as I drag it into the audio or voice mix, the sound distorts and becomes poor quality as described by other users in this earlier discussion:

After over 10 years of updates and innovation has any user or AVS managed to resolve this stupid, fatal flaw of AVS Video Editor?
Frankly I think it is utterly embarrassing that users like myself have to use ANOTHER video editing software just to have decent audio, and that being Windows Movie Maker!
Posts: 3
Registered: 24.05.2022
24.05.22 03:33:04
To clarify, I create instrumental videos using various instruments.
One of the instruments I use is the ocarina, a flute-like instrument that sounds very clear.

The problem is probably not noticeable in videos that don't involve music.
But it is very noticeable in videos requiring musical clarity.
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