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Registered: 11.07.2020
11.07.20 08:35:13
Good day, I need some advise please.
I am working in AVS Video Editor and have a failure which is becoming more prominent.
I use the software to make lyric video's. I have noticed that while editing, the lyrics are in the right places but once I have produced the video, and I give it a quality check on a TV, the lyric are off. They are usually delayed by 5 to 10 seconds which really mess up the song.

Can anyone please advise on this.

many thanks
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Registered: 27.02.2019
04.08.20 10:08:42
To: TestMan


we apologize for the delayed reply.

To avoid the problem please completely uninstall AVS4YOU software from your PC. Instructions below:

1. Follow this link and download the utility that will automatically remove all AVS software components from your PC. Save the utility on your computer and launch it.

2. Download the latest versions of the necessary programs from our website.

Now install the software on your PC anew.

Inform about the results.

Best regards
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