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Registered: 16.05.2008
15.01.09 05:45:23
Dear AVS4YOU users,
We are glad to announce the release of the AVS DVD Copy (Version: Release Date: 11/01/2009)

What's new:

New program interface:
Simple one-click interface makes AVS DVD Copy a most convenient and demanded software to make home video DVD copies.

Preview window was added to make copying process easier and faster

Titles and languages area:
You can check the titles and languages you need and uncheck the ones you do not. You might check one or several languages for any available title.

User Defined mode:
The possibility to select only the titles you need and exclude the ones you do not. This might be quite helpful in case your source DVD extras contain not only additional materials you need but also the ones you do not - commercials, etc. We strongly recommend to use the Preview Area when in this mode to control the output disc structure.

We will be glad to know your opinion about the new version of the software. Please do not hesitate to write us back and inform us about your opinion, suggestions etc...

Best Regards
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