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Registered: 30.12.2008
30.12.08 14:35:26
I can edit videos OK and save them, but it all goes horribly wrong when I burn to DVD. The burn process seems to work OK, but the resulting DVD won't play on either the PC I did the burning on (which runs Vista Home Premium) or on another PC running XP or on a DVD player attached to a TV. I *can* burn successfully if I use the Microsoft DVD Maker or Media Center software to do the burning, but then I lose all the fancy stuff I edited in using the AVS product. I see in another post that XP is alleged to have a problem with burning DVR-R disks (which is what I am using), but I am using Vista, not XP. Help!
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13.01.09 05:58:40
To: sfurey

Hi Simon,

Please send us the log file.
To find it, please follow:
C:\Users\your User Name\AppData\Roaming\AVS4YOU\AVSVideoBurner

Best Regards
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