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Registered: 14.05.2019
14.05.19 03:40:05
I used Video editor to make a DVD that will play on a DVD player. I inputted the 22 minute video from a SD card after converting it with no problem. I started a new chapter and imported about 30 pictures and added music with transitions. No problem. When I produced the DVD the still pictures lost a lot of quality and appears grainy. Most are jpeg at least 1500 - 2500 kb. Some BMP are 5700kb. Some of these pictures have been cropped. Did that effect the quality? It's not just the cropped pictures that look bad.
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14.05.19 11:02:46
To: petecrew

Dear user,

We recommend you to save the video to MP4 or AVI format and select "Video for SlideShow" profile after selecting the format.
Thus you will not have a problem with image quality.

Kind regards
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Registered: 14.05.2019
14.05.19 13:03:07
To: Nat
If I do that it is a "file" and only playable on a computer, right? If I did that how do I burn it for DVD play?
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15.05.19 09:12:25
To: petecrew

Please set this option:
Settings -> Processing -> Resize -> Type = Super
- and for DVD output format use "High Quality" DVD presets.
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