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Registered: 20.09.2008
24.09.08 22:10:17
I'm having trouble with the Converter 6. It seems like no matter how I convert a file, AVI, MP4, the frame rate in the video seems to be less than what the setting would imply, as if it is repeating frames simply to fake out the frame rate value. This results in jerky motion even if the "frame rate" is above 23fps.

Is there something I am doing wrong that would cause this? Some setting I am missing? I've tried different codecs when making an AVI. Some have the AV sync issue, others are jerky.

What is the very best way to encode video for the Archos 504 and still get high compression?

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26.09.08 06:08:39
To: michael@lodman.com


We will be glad to receive the file you try to convert. Please, upload it to our FTP server. I will sent the FTP information to your mail.

Best Regards
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Registered: 20.09.2008
26.09.08 18:38:32
To: Dam
Please just give me an idea of the best profile and settings to use for the ARCHOS 504, maybe for three different quality levels.
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29.09.08 07:24:25
To: michael@lodman.com

I wonder if everything else except the 'jerky' picture is alright with the output video? I mean, the picture quality, picture size and so on. If they are and the only trouble is the picture jitter issue, then it is most likely the frame rate change in the output video as compared to the original one (the input has, for instance, 25 frames per second and the output is 30 frames per second). In this case the resulting video can actually become jerky as additional frames are added to change the frame rate.
You can try and avoid this leaving the Archos profile 'Frame Rate' value as 'Original'. Select the format clicking the appropriate button ('To AVI', for example) and then click the 'Edit Profile' button.
In the opened window make sure that the 'Frame Rate' is set to 'Original' - the attached screenshot will show where you can find that.
The same can be done for the other profiles.
If this does not help, we will need an example of your files to solve the issue.
Best regards.
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