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Posts: 3
Registered: 29.09.2011
29.09.11 19:38:50
Programmer seeks a way (edit ye old xml) or similar to change the Editor background to black similar to AVID and PDR?

I have eye strain, and I really like a dark background while I'm working.

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Registered: 29.01.2012
30.09.11 11:48:43
To: JeffP

Hello TIA,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change background color of AVS Software. We are sorry if it may be of any inconvenience.

Best regards.
Posts: 3
Registered: 29.09.2011
30.09.11 14:01:54
To: Vlad

Yes, I might have guessed that, I posted a "Wish".

Ironically it seems like a very easy option to abstract the needed code in a comming build, beta testers are available...
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