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Registered: 20.11.2009
16.10.12 00:24:07
To Private61:

You are a genius!!! Thanks for the work-around and the DLL that cured the reverse/upside down image problem with AVS Authoring.
I too am using Windows XP and your posted DLL worked perfectly. I have not had any negative issues with that DLL affecting any other programs, but have only used AVS Video Converter & Editor.
I TOO would also like to recommend that AVS revive AVS VIDEO AUTHORING and bring it back into their product line. It's a great program and is the only one of their programs that allows multiple "TITLES" to be independently applied to a DVD.

Best Wishes,
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Registered: 10.04.2012
16.10.12 08:46:57
To: HumDrummer


We appreciate your taking time to offer us this suggestion.

Unfortunately we are not planning to continue developing AVS DVD Authoring in the near future.

Best regards
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Registered: 08.11.2012
08.11.12 20:27:38
To: Esther

I want to thank everyone for this thread. Trying to use AVSDVDAuthoring on Win7 was giving me a huge headache. Didn't think it could be incompatibilities with their own software!

Is there a list anywhere of the last version(s) of AVS Video Converter to be compatible with DVD Authoring? I love both of those and they are about all I use.

Keep up the excellent products!
Posts: 334
Registered: 10.04.2012
09.11.12 06:56:29
To: wmeador


We have stopped the development of AVS DVD Authoring and encourage you to use the latest versions of AVS Software.

Thank you for the positive feedback!

Best regards
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