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19.05.11 05:01:53
I am trying to convert a non protected DVD. I have used 4 different DVD readers and all fail. It runs fine for about 700 mb and then the frame freezes and the rest of the recording is of the same frame. I have tried split and same problem. I get 647,111 Kb ok, another 304,799 is partially ok .. but in the middle the frame freezes (never the same frame when I redo; never at the same place) ... I have ADVANCED down so that I can see the frames as they move ... but it freezes and continues to record the same frame at some point in the conversion. I have tried multiple source DVD disks, multiple output names and same problem. I have tried it with and without split and same problem. My machine is an HP Compaq 8710w, Windows Vista Business Service Pack 2 (latest), used multiple DVD readers, used multiple source disks trying to copy, coping to AVI, profile HD Video 720p; pmeg4 (DivX, Xvid), 4500kbps; Audio: MP3, 192 Kbps. Source disks are DVD+R ... but again, I have tried a number of source disks (although all are DVD+R)

Always same problem
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20.05.11 00:51:28
To: DBridgf@consolidated.net


First of all please make sure that you have the latest version AVS Video Converter which can be downloaded from this link.

Also, I would not recommend you to convert DVD's to HD Video profiles. HD video has much resolution, bitrate and other parameters than DVD and you definitely get quality loss converting DVD's, freeze frame problem may also arise. It's better to select Video:MPEG4 (Divx,xviD), 1500kpbs or Video: (H.264/AVC), 1200 kbps.

I hope it helps

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