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Registered: 07.02.2011
07.02.11 14:00:17
The over states for both text and icon buttons in main and sub(/chapter) menu screens look very bad. I'm using the first of the style templates provided. They are aliased/jaggedy-edged. I can't find any way to adjust these. The only thing I can find to adjust is the text in the 'Main Menu' text item, and the chapter text names. I don't see any way to adjust the 'chapters', 'play' items, or over states for any of the text-based buttons or the arrow/home icons on the sub menu screens. They all exhibit this rough looking highlight when moused (or 'remoted') over. Please advise!

Support Manager
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08.02.11 02:02:05
To: mcarey

There are unfortunately no buttons presets and advanced buttons editing features in the current version of AVS Video Editor.
Only defauls styles are currently available.
I'd recommend to try working with AVS DVD Authoring if you need any additional features for buttons editing.
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