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Registered: 04.01.2011
15.01.11 22:11:38
I had a video with music and voice that i needed to change some images and remove the music. As i could not separate the music from the voice I knew I would have to silence the audio in the main video editing storyline and start over with audio I shot before i added music.
I pulled the audio to the bottom of the main storyline line, silencing it.
I then used the video overlay storyline to place the new pictures I needed to replace images in the main video.
To replace the images totally i isolated the old ones in the main story line but putting cuts before an after them.
I then added on the overlay line the original movie snippets with the voice that did not have music on it. There were 8 places that needed the voice, so again I sectioned off the main video with cuts and lined up the old movie on the overlay storyline. I even managed to line up the lips of the main video line with the audio on the overlay.
Now the problem is; I thought I could just merge all this and whatever was in the overlay line would replace the main video. But now I fear that it does not do that. I tried to drag the new things from the overlay line up and replace the corresponding cut sections in the main video. but that didn't' work.

I put so much time into getting the exact clips of audio i need in the overlay line, i don't want to lose them, but don't see how i can save them.
Additionally where ever i made cuts in the main video, a quick bleep of the audio comes through, and interrupts the new audio on the overlay line.
1. can I REPLACE pictures and audio on the main video editing line with stuff in the overlay line?
2. if not, can i save the snippets in the overlay line SEPARATELY so that i can use them when starting all over again?
3.can I move these movie snippets in the overlay line to the AVS audio editor if that is what i should have used and must now use to fix this?
3. can I totally silence the audio in the main line (even in the cuts)?
Thank you.
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18.01.11 07:03:58
To: tanirae


I would suggest you easier way to perform the task.

First of all, you should extract audio from you video track. You can do it selecting video file in Media Library, click right mous button on it and choose Extract Audio option in the context menu. Now you can add audio without interaptions to soundtrack line in AVS Video Editor and mute audio track of the main video line (right mouse click on the video and Mute ).

Then split main video to scenes which you want to remove using Split button and insert the images you want instead.

For the end just click Produce and combine your edits to one file.

I hope it helps, but if you need further assistance, we are here to help .

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Registered: 14.03.2011
14.03.11 16:47:33
Hello Vlad,

This is Enrique, what i want to produce is a video that will overlap on some (.jpg) graphics that i am producing from a Power Point, so the image of the video looks like it is in front of the screen with the graphic. I read once that i need to record the video with a green background. Probably with high illumination as well, no problem.
Do you have a tutorial that can make this easy? If not, it is OK, I find your explanations very clear, I can go with that.

Thank you,
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15.03.11 06:49:04
To: EnriqueMora

Hello Enrique,

Yes, you should shoot the video with green background, then put it to Video Overlay in AVS Video Editor and make green background transparent with Croma Key option in video overlay. You can find the details about it here.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.
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