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Registered: 10.01.2011
10.01.11 14:12:25
At the present time I can successfully start with a VOB dragged into the AVS Video editor, choose cue in and out points then "Produce" to a File with MPEG profile - I modify the profile to convert the AC3 sound to MP3 sound. However, only one language - the language that I choose by right clicking the media asset in the media library and selecting the appropriate audio stream - is converted.

I have spotted two posts that refer to conversions using multiple languages: http://forum.avs4you.com/posts.aspx?lng=ENG&t=1987 and http://forum.avs4you.com/posts.aspx?lng=ENG&t=622.

These posts are more than 1 year old so I will re-ask the question because it is also necessary to me to do this:

I want to take a VOB extracted from a DVD (for which we have permission) and convert to a file in the MPEG profile, using audio to MP3 but I want ALL languages converted not just the one selected on the asset.

Is this possible with latest AVS suite (I do have the latest) and if not when will it be available?

If it cannot be done directly is there another way of doing it - ultimately generating a program stream (a.k.a. MPEG profile) except where all the audio is in MP3 format?
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Registered: 29.01.2012
14.01.11 07:29:32
To: mark.nicklin@phitek.com


I'm sorry to say that it is still not possible to create output file with several audio tracks in it (i.e. keep all languages). Produced file will always have only one audio track. Unfortunately, we do not plan to add multiple audio tracks feature for output in the nearest future. We are sorry if it may be of any inconvenience.

Kind regards.
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Registered: 02.03.2011
02.03.11 06:33:15
To: Vlad

On 3/1/2011 I downloaded AVS Video Converter software. My pc is Windows XP Professional sp4 with 4 gig of RAM. When I installed AVS Video Converter I was prompted for language, I selected English. The software then successfully installed. When I converted my VOB to MWV I was prompted that a Watermark would be added and I selected to Continue. After the VOB was successfully converted to WMV, on playback the language was not English (I think it was in French?). I reinstalled the AVS Video Converter software and repeated the same steps - no luck, the audio is in French even though I installed using English.

Please help. Thank you!

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Registered: 29.01.2012
03.03.11 04:50:41
To: scott@ftinet.com

Hello Scott,

During installation the program asks you to choose interface language. As for video conversion audio track you should select necessary language in Advanced settings of AVS Video Converter. Please find the details here.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.
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