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Registered: 08.01.2011
08.01.11 16:17:25
Normally I use Nero for burning disc and I still need to because my copy of an audio cd won't be playable except for the 1 track in a standard cd player.
Some cd players will be reading and it correct but not all. I have tested my original cd first in the player and have no indicated error and all the tracks was played ok but when making a copy of the same original only gives my 1 track which will be the only playable track. This is the same speed for both media (16x) and have run the test on 2 different workstation one with XP and another with WIN7 and the same problem shows up.
Maybe I would be a good solution to have the same option which Nero burning software use where you can select the writing speed for disc copy.?

I'm using the latest version of Disc Creator

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10.01.11 03:09:05
To: ivan.warrer@gmail.com

Hello Ivan,

As far as I know our support manager Alex has already been working with you on the problem in our support system. Please follow his tips to solve the problem.

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11.01.11 08:07:38
To: ivan.warrer@gmail.com

I have had same problem and my solution is as follows

For a Data disk to be read in my car you have to use JOLIET structure not UDF. UDF structure when inserted said no files found.

For Audio disk you have to use Track at once. If you use Disk at once when played all the tracks go in to track 1 but the disk plays fine on a computer just not an audio player.

If I use UDF it has a problem in almost all systems I own. And if I use Disk at once same problem. I do not know why and did not get an anwser why.

Hope that helps you.
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