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Registered: 02.12.2009
19.11.10 02:27:46

When i add audio to the audio-mix track it is (becomes) distorted.

I do like this:


I first add a audio-track to the media-library.(any type: mp3,wav)


From the library i listen to it by selecting it and pressing the play-button in the preview player
now the audio is fine ...no distortion.


Now i add that same audio file to the audio-mix-track
and then play it from there...now it is distorted. (main vol settings have no influence on the distortion)

It's difficult to describe the distortion...its NOT overloading (overmodulated)
its not clipping...its not frequency-specific...its seems to me that something is wrong in the decoder/encoder
but only when playing from the audio-tracks (line)

Main volume-settings have no effect on the distortion..yes the volume changes...not the distortion.

I have tried everything you can imagine:

a) Before adding to the editor normalize...using external software (Roxio)
b) Remove lower frequencies using before adding..using ext softw.
c) Play with the main vol settings.
d) Try different formats (Mp3,Wav)
e) Reset envelope.
f) Attenuate between -3 to -10dB (amplifier)
g) Add the audio to the voice-track.

Nothing helps...as soon as you drag it to a line...it sounds distorted when played from there.

The previous version did not have that.

I'm probably your most expereinced user..with at least 3000 hours of expereince over the last 1 1/2 year
i'm an audio-engineer (25 years)...dj (20 years) and electronics-expert...i know my hearing is far above average.

Its defenitely a bug in your software..this conclusion is easy to draw
simply by the fact that the audio is fine when played from the media-folder
but it gets distorted as soon as its added to the adio-mix-track and played from there.
Ofcourse its still fine again when you play it from the media-folder again.

This is not a minor bug...its fatal !...its now impossible to produce any video with added audio.

Please dont ask me for audio-files...that is useless since any audio-file gets distorted.
maybe no-one else complained yet...simply because there hearing or experience is not sufficient.

Now that i have your attention...a substantial % of mp3 's (any bitrate) are refused. (maybe 15%)
the program says it can not recognize them when you try to add them to the library.
I got those mp3's somewhere...but when i redo (import/export) them with for example Roxio
then it will accept them....so maybe this might be a tagging problem (ID2/ID3) ?
where it does not correctly recognizes bad or non-tagged mp3's. (Winamp,Roxio have no problem with them)

The last problem i can solve ..allthough reconverting mp3 to mp3 will give you some quality-loss
the first problem (audio-distortion) is very severe...and i am stuck now..i refuse to produce videos with distorted audio.

My system (High-end Vaio + Vista) has not changed...its the same i used for the prevous version of AVS-video-editor which did not have this problem
(ofcourse that one had had lots of other problems).

Previous software was un-installed.

I guess you should look (repair) for this distortion-bug in the difference in how audio is handled (played) directly from the library
and how it is handled (played) from the audio-mix-track(s) ..there must be a difference that causes this.

And yes when i produce (render) a video with the distorted audio...then it also comes out distorted.

To be not only negative..most other previous problems (sync,preview,fonts..etc) are gone
but hey...with distorted audio all of these improvements are useless.

Please advice and solve A.S.A.P
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
19.11.10 17:14:10
To: janssen

i was afraid to not get a soon answer
allthough the problem can be verified in 2 minutes.

Can you give me a soon reply please ?
Experienced User
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Registered: 01.01.2009
21.11.10 00:07:02
To: janssen

I too have had audio problems with Video Editor going back at least 2 versions now, eg applying the equalizer effect adds "noise" to the audio track.

AVS: there are audio issues in VE!

Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
21.11.10 06:40:40
To: jcthomson

The equalizer adding noise...i have never noticed that
But i confirm that audio is no good in any of the AVS products
there's always some problem with it...even in their audio-editor.

But if you have that equalizer-problem then that might be a slightly different problem
then my distortion-problem...i would solve it by equalizing it externally before you add
it to the video...this is always the best...also you when you need to "glue" a few pieces of
audio together..do it externally..since inside editor there is still clicks..and funny behaviour
of the audio-envelope.

I like to add that i verified my above metioned problem
on 2 more different computers..and they all have the same bug (distorton when added to audio-mix)
Seems to me that i have done all that is possible.

Now i hope to get some reply soon.

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Registered: 29.01.2012
22.11.10 02:54:12
To: janssen


Sorry for the late response.

Yes, distortion problem persists. Our software reduces quality settings of an audio file to put audio to Timeline and this can cause distortion in sound. Our developers are aware of the problem and working on it. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next version.

As for the problem importing some mp3 files, there should not be the problem with tags. Could you please attach one of them, so that we could test it?

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Registered: 02.12.2009
23.11.10 03:35:14
To: Vlad

> "fixed in a next version"

What ? are you kidding me ?
Are you telling me that that such a major problem...is not fixed on-the-spot ?

How can you even produce AND SELL video-editing software that ruins the audio ?

Its like selling a car that can only drive backwards.

I find your policy strange...you sell something of which you know its not good
then you obviously hope no-one discovers it ..which is very well possible cause
most that do buy your products or beginners.....aaarrgghhh.

I cant have no respect for such a way of doing business
and its not the first time i said this...last time i did that you blocked me from this forum.
maybe you want to do that again now...it doesn't look good does it ?

Man at least tell me you will fix this right away (a few days max)
cause i am stuck right now.

Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
23.11.10 07:45:42
To: janssen

It is not such a major problem. It is not produced with any file and as you can see most other users do not face it. I've passed the issue to our developers and I can assure you they are working on it. The problem will be fixed very soon. Just asking you to be patient and wait.
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
23.11.10 15:32:23
To: Vlad

Yeah i'll wait..what else can i do :- (

i dont know what you mean by: ""it is not produced with any file" ????
if you mean that the distortion is not there in the final result (the produce..the render)
then that is not correct... i told you in the top of this thread that the distortion is included
in the final rendered video...so it is a major problem.

Yep and that most others "do not face it"...should be that they dont notice it
or that they simply dont report it here...mostly because they are beginners
The fact that they are innocent beginners should not mean that they are stuck
with a product..that is malfunctioning..i find that kind of cheating.

Anyway if you repair this soon...then that would be fine.

Next problem is that your update-method is not working...it never did
After a new version..my verify for update always (incorrectly) says that no new versions are available (or something similar)
I always have to look up manually what the latest version is...and many times i find a higher version..but your updater
never tells me so...you may what to improve that also.
Which brings me to..how will i know if a new version without audio-distortion is available...check your site every few days ?
can you notify me ?
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
26.11.10 04:45:23
To: janssen

I will let you know in the topic, when the problem is fixed.
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Registered: 02.12.2009
04.12.10 15:05:18
To: Vlad

Fine you will tell me...but its taking to long !
i mean the bug is serious...i cant go on with my work !
will you pay me for the time that i have to wait for you to repair it ?

Once again selling me a video-editor that ruins the audio...is totally redicioulous !

So give me an exact datum...when you have this solved
and yes 1 month from now is to long ! if you were serious you solve this in 2 days.

Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
06.12.10 07:05:37
To: janssen

The fix is not ready yet. As I have already told you, it is not a major bug. The problem persists only with high volume level audio files. Currently, there is a workaround for the problem - reduce volume level lowering the envelope on audio track.
Posts: 38
Registered: 02.12.2009
07.12.10 09:51:55
To: Vlad

>>> IT IS A MAJOR BUG ! <<<

Lowering the volume does not help !
your workaround does not work ! ...i told you that already.

Even when i lower the volume to 20 dB or more below clipping...using external software like Roxio or any other
the distortion still exists...please dont threat me like a beginner/hobbyist...who you can tell what you want.

I find it childish and unprofessional how you are trying to make this a minor problem.

I am waiting for your solution every day...i made the mistake to base my edit work on your product.

While you are at it...your latest version dont show preview in high quality...even if i set it to that
what is called high-quality now is about the same as "medium" or less as it was before
yes the (video) render/produce is ok ...but preview is terrible.

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Registered: 29.01.2012
16.12.10 04:58:02
To: janssen

The new version AVS Video Editor 5.2. where the bug has been fixed is avaliable on our website.
Posts: 4
Registered: 28.12.2010
30.12.10 10:27:13
To: Vlad

i have the newest version and still have the problem.

is there a fix??
Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
02.01.11 05:19:37
To: banglin

Audio distortion problem has been fixed in the latest version. If you still experience with it, please reinstall AVS programs using the instructions here and then install new version 5.2.

If it does not help, please attach your audio files, perhaps there is the problem with certain files.

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Registered: 07.03.2010
21.01.11 04:51:05
To: janssen

I reported this bug on July, 13th, 2010 via the "AVS Support Pages" in the applications. Some days later, I was sent some dlls to replace in my installation and try. The result was even worse! Furthermore, after moving the playback cursor, the buffer was filled with "old" audio snippets from earlier positions making it impossible to locate the correct splicing points. In order to get back to the previous state, I was told to reinstall video editor. I did that, but the worse result remained. I had to investigate by myself and find out that I had to manually delete some dlls and reinstall video editor after that in order to get back to the originally bad result with distortion. The reason why the reinstallation did not revert to the original result seemed to be that a lot of AVS dlls are used by more than one applications. Thus, a newly (re)installing application checks the date of the existing dlls leaving them untouched if they are the same or even newer than the ones in the installation package.

Funny enough: I only got aware yesterday that this forum exists from an answer with a link to it in my personal support page.

To: Vlad

I can confirm that I have installed the latest version and the problem still persists. The distortion seems to have reduced, but nevertheless it is still there. I am wondering how you get that 3rd order distortion into the audio? It sounds somehow like confusing a-law with u-law audio conversion.

I have an unlimited AVS licence. Your reinstallation instructions (link in your post) are rediculous. I have to uninstall ALL AVS applications and MANUALLY remove registry entries and directories? After that I have to install all AVS applications (and I use quite a lot!) and probably find and enter the registration code again? No, thank you!

Furthermore, Microsoft heavily warns "normal" users to manipulate their registry, non-admin win7 users are even unable to do that. You can't be serious! I am working in IT and would be able to do all that, but what are software developers good for? What are installation routines good for? They are the place where the software manufacturer or the developer can clean up everything and do the housekeepiing that you describe in your "instructions". Hey, all the applications that use AVS dlls are written by AVS. So what should be the problem?
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Registered: 29.01.2012
21.01.11 08:06:09
To: Schwobbel


There will be a little difference in quality, between playing audio file in media player and playing it on Timeline, because to combine files on Timeline we still need to reduce quality, not just playback the file. Distortion may rarely arise in new version with the files which are too loud. Could please attach your audio files working with which you have distortion?

As for uninstall instructions, you can reinstall just AVS Video Editor without cleaning registry entires. However, we usually recommend reinstall all programs when get a major update, please note that we do not ask you to manipulate Microsofrt registry. We just asking you to delete two folders in it related to AVS4YOU only.

Best regards.
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Registered: 07.03.2010
25.01.11 03:50:38
To: Vlad

I already uploaded the file on July 15th, 2010. Your developers ought to have it. The file is called "The Sun Of Italy.zip". You can also find it in my support page with Tanya. If you want me to upload here, please reply here.

As janssen already wrote, the distortion is not like clipping or overdriven. It is particularly in medium loud passages. My example music is a pure piano recording. With pure piano notes the distortion can quite well be heard.

The distortion is not only in the preview, but also in the exported film.

Deleting folders in the registry IS a manipulation of registry.
Support Manager
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Registered: 08.07.2008
26.01.11 07:23:18
To: Schwobbel

The latest version of AVS Video Editor doesn't distort audio files as previous Video Editor did.
I regret to inform you that the issue cannot currently be solved in full
I have tested "The Sun Of Italy" in the current version and didn't find critical distortion in the file.
Do you get a distortion while working with any other files?

Looking forward to hearing from you
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Registered: 09.01.2011
31.01.11 18:19:23
As stated throughout this thread the audio distortion is nerve wracking!! My mp3 plays fine every where else even in WMM. Yet as soon as I place onto the audio line in AVS Ed. Bam! Crappy sound quality and no adjustments within the given parameters. Its a crackling of popcorn or newspaper throughout preview and the final product. I thought it would work it self out in the creating of the movie but it did not. With that you also have the guide skipping over the timeline. It does not have smooth movement as it goes through the audio time line. I use 128 kb mp3 as required for Youtube. I will reinstall again to see if it makes a difference. If not I will be back on this thread.
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