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Registered: 07.09.2010
07.09.10 09:44:47
Hi there
I have built a DVD to NTSC standard using AVS DVD Authoring and everything is OK - EXCEPT the DVD replication factory tells me that the DVD audio is encoded with MPEG audio and that this is incompatible with NTSC.
I need to alter the settings on AVS DVD Authoring to encode my NTSC DVD audio with AC3 or PCM.
I read elsewhere in these forums that you cannot at the moment encode AC3 as audio for DVDs, but what about PCM?
How can I do this please as there does not seem to be any audio option other than choosing between MP2 or MP3?
Many thanks - I would appreciate an early answer as the factory is refusing to proceed unless this problem is solved.
H Walwyn - featherBoa
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08.09.10 07:34:02
To: featherBoa


Unfortunately, our sofware does not support PCM or AC3 sound for output in DVD format. Were are sorry if it may be of any inconvenience. MPEG sound standard is also allowed for DVD's and we use it for output. Actually, our sotware is intended for home usage as well as the DVD created by it, not for replication.

Best regards.
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