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Registered: 26.03.2010
26.03.10 10:47:40
i taken a video from mycamera and loaded it to editor, split it into smaller pcs. i'm trying to put it all back together in the oder i want but having trouble merging them. also after i save in editor and try to open them to convert them it says unknown format.????
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Registered: 22.01.2009
29.03.10 00:50:48
To: kparr99

You do not need to merge scenes your videos are split into. After you save your movie in AVS Video Editor (by using the Save Movie... button), the project will be converted to a video file containing all the scenes merged into one clip. As for the error, do you get it when trying to open the project file (.vep4) in AVS Video Editor? Could you attach screenshots.

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