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Registered: 26.02.2010
26.02.10 05:38:55
I am recording an art instruction video. In order to capture the best close-ups, I'm shooting through a mirror which reverses the image. I solved one reverse by taping with the camera upside down. Now I need to reverse left to right the final product. Can AVS do this for me?

My photo editing software can do this with still images, but I'm sure it harder for video data.

Any help is appreciated!
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27.02.10 01:17:42
To: delmusphelps@comcast.net

You can apply the Flip video effect to your clip in AVS Video Editor. Here is more information.

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Registered: 20.02.2010
04.09.12 03:29:16
To: nadin

I accidentally had my helmet cam mounted upside down today, and 5 videos were recorded that way. It would be very handy to have the Video Remaker do this, and simply save the right side up video with all the other parameters just the same. I used the editor like you suggested, but the various parameters, even for just basic HD 720p files, was not in the default choice list for the production of the final result. I had to examine the properties of the raw file I was trying to flip, and create a production profile, trying to reproduce the width/height, frame rate, audio bitrate, etc. ANd then, even though the "advanced" menu had "MOV" as the choice of the output file, it still came out with a .qt extension, which was not recognized when I tried to play it the first time. I had to change the extension to .mov.
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04.09.12 08:21:46
To: gdrenkes


Thank you for your suggestion about AVS Video ReMaker, we forwarded it to our developers.
Please kindly not that MOV and QT files are basically the same, the only difference is the extension.

Best regards
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