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Registered: 10.01.2010
25.01.10 09:33:44
Hi - apologies if this has already been asked - I have tried to look through the topics but I can;t see the answer anywhere.

I am trying to burn a DVD - I have built it fine and I have DVD-r's to burn it to - my questions is first can I only burn onto DVD+RW's with this programme?

I did burn one DVD-rsuccessfully but now I can't seem to do it again - not sure how I did it now from the options I have available. It played fine in the JVC DVD player I have - I just want to check before going and buying a load of new DVD-rw's as I have just bought DVD-r's! When I burnt the DVD-r I put a new disc in to the same programme and clicked 'start burning' and it said coulnd't burn to this disc type, despite having just done it previously.

If I can burn to DVD-r can you tell me how I change the settings as it is only offering me DVD+RW at the moment.

Many thanks

Posts: 3
Registered: 10.01.2010
25.01.10 09:39:02
Sorry - I meant to say as well, I thought it was only possible to play DVD-r's on my DVD player that is why I was asking the question. But is it possible to play DVD-RW's as well on most players? I have had it since 2002.

Thanks again

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Registered: 22.01.2009
27.01.10 00:26:11
To: LouA

Both DVD-/+R and DVD-/+RW discs can be burnt with our software. As far as I understand, you have first burnt a DVD-R successfully, but upon your second attempt to burn another DVD-R, you got the error that this disc type cannot be used, is this correct? Could you please attach a screenshot of the program interface showing this error and a screenshot with Get Drive Info.

BTW, how many drives are there on your PC?

But is it possible to play DVD-RW's as well on most players? I have had it since 2002.
Please specify the exact model of your player. We'll try to find out whether RW discs are supported.

Hope to hear from you soon
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