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Registered: 05.11.2009
20.11.09 00:57:11
I want to make 6 copies of a dvd of a childrens party which is best software to use. I tried AVS dvd copy but could'nt see where to add the quantity to burn.
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Registered: 22.01.2009
20.11.09 07:46:45
To: rsharrock@talktalk.net

You can copy your DVD to hard disc with AVS DVD Copy and then right-click VIDEO_TS folder created and choose Send To > AVS Video Burner. This way the burning process will be launched. In order to burn the second disc do the same step.
That's the easiert way, I guess.

For the moment there is no option to burn multiple copies in AVS DVD Copy, unfortunately, but we'll do our best to implement it in future.

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Registered: 06.12.2009
06.12.09 07:33:55
At DVD copy to a LaCie Multy media disk. What files must be copied and how do I get the right subtitles in dutch as translation when I play the dvd from the LaCie harddisk.
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Registered: 29.01.2012
07.12.09 05:43:46
To: paboschma


If you copy DVD from disc to hard drive, the program will copy the whole file structure of disc (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders with IFO, BUP and VOB fiels) to hard drive. To play it you should open VIDEO_TS.IFO file in your dvd player software.
As for substitles, our software copies all subtitles tracks from you DVD and you should select dutch subtitles track in subtitles menu when play your copy.

Best regards.
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Registered: 14.03.2011
14.03.11 13:14:47
Pls can encrypt my dvd so that no one can copy it?
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15.03.11 04:04:12
To: gentlesadique


Unfortunately, AVS software cannot create copy protected discs. We are sorry if it may be of any inconvenience.

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