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Registered: 13.05.2023
13.05.23 19:26:59
I'm running AVS Video Editor 7.1 on WindowsXP. I want to add my commentary to my movie by inserting a .jpg which I created in Photoshop and typed my message on. To make sure user has enough time to read it to the end I make its Duration about 20 seconds. Sometimes, usually early in the movie, this is successful, but it I insert one of these commentary .jpgs at the halfway point of my movie, or toward the end, the jpg will display ok for maybe 10 seconds and then the text that I typed in (in Photoshop) will start to distort. I've wracked my brain for a fix but have been unsuccessful. Thought I had a fix by adding a Transition to that jpg but it doesn't work for me all the time. Can't see the distortion playing it in the Editor, before I compile. Haven't been able to test my created .mp4 on any other computer that mine. And ideas?
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15.05.23 06:26:50
To: crasso@nycap.rr.com

First of all, please, update AVS Video Editor to the actual version (now - v.9.9.1).

Then try to use other MP4-profiles (presets):
MP4 - Intel Hardware/Software - ...
MP4 - Video for slideshow - ...
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