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Registered: 09.11.2022
09.11.22 21:59:38
I've spent a few hours looking online for a solution to this problem I'm having, and to no prevail. My videos are displaying black and white, only on preview. I can watch video just find via player in color. It's only AVS Video Editor that is displaying in black and white, and there is no option to change it to color. It randomly started doing this a week or so back. What am I missing here? I have searched google and everything comes up showing about how to format your video into black and white, I just want to view my video in color, while editing.
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14.11.22 15:33:53
To: MayDai

At the moment, we have found out that the problem of monochrome video output (grayscale) in AVS4YOU programs is related to new versions of NVIDIA Graphics Driver:
GeForce Game Ready Driver - WHQL - v. 526.47 (October 27, 2022),
GeForce Game Ready Driver - WHQL - v. 526.86 (November 10, 2022),
GeForce Game Ready Driver - WHQL - v. 526.98 (November 16, 2022),
NVIDIA Studio Driver - WHQL - v. 526.98 (November 16, 2022).

There are 4 of our applications that are affected by the monochrome problem now:
AVS Video Editor (preview of video in Media Library, in Trim window and in Multi Trim window),
AVS Video ReMaker (video preview),
AVS Media Player (video player)
AVS Screen Capture (video player).

The problem does not appear in AVS Video Converter, AVS Audio Editor and AVS Video Recorder (video preview).

To solve the problem temporarily, we recommend that you roll back the NVIDIA Graphics Driver to one of the older versions:
NVIDIA Studio Driver - WHQL - v. 522.30 (October 18, 2022),
GeForce Game Ready Driver - WHQL - v. 522.25 (Oct 12, 2022).

We will continue to investigate the issue and try to contact NVIDIA...
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Registered: 08.09.2009
02.12.22 18:43:48
To solve the problem without rolling back the NVIDIA Graphics Driver, you can use our new AVS Nvidia-Video-Out Patch v. with fix in DLL-library AVSVideoOutput3.dll v.
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