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Registered: 13.12.2021
13.12.21 10:57:03
Hi, my problem:
I'm working on a quite complicated cut/paste video. From the original 2,5h video I got several (>30) single clip, but after looking at the result I've found that the output order is bad, so I want to reorder them. But due to numerosity I fear the loss of some... You may say bad programming, yes, but now I have to solve this.
My question: is it possible to save each clip on itself without creating the whole and without restarting from scratch?
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20.12.21 08:58:27
To: visintin@inrete.it

Dear user,

The option to save each clip to a new file is available in AVS Video Remaker. Please follow the link to read the instruction.

You can also save your edits in projects files (File > Save Project) and then open them in AVS4YOU programs to continue editing process.

If you meant something different, please specify.

Best regards,
AVS4YOU Support team
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