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Registered: 15.08.2021
15.08.21 14:40:54
I recently download AVS editor app. It keeps crashing after minimal input. I was able to upload about 100 photos and audio track to make a 10 minute family photo album. The 2nd project is not going very well. I've loaded 15 photos and now the program keeps crashing. I try to load a few more photos and within seconds and without warning I get a pop box about abnormal shut down and I lose any work I tried to add to the project. I keep trying to exit and bring it back up and the same thing keeps happening. Rod
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17.08.21 10:03:15
To: jolenekay1979@gmail.com

Hello Rod,

You've been assisted via AVS4YOU Support System. Please provide the information requested by our support manager.

Best regards
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