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Registered: 13.05.2021
11.06.21 04:07:19
Will the conversion acceleration with CUDA on a GTX 1050 ti far exceed Intel integrated GPU?
Maybe post some performance charts if there are differences.
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Registered: 19.03.2021
11.06.21 13:11:14
To: memphis


Thank you for your question!

We can do a test if we have appropriate equipment. Please provide the characteristics of your processor. Also, do you have a GTX 1050 ti card now to try a test yourself?

On Intel, we now have not enabled hardware encoding by default, but hardware decoding. Since decoding the original files is only a part of the conversion process, there will be no significant difference in the whole conversion process. Hardware coding has not yet been implemented in our equipment, with which the differences on different graphic processors would be tangible.

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