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Registered: 25.09.2019
25.09.19 23:12:38
Given that there are many users of the Video Editor who have issues with the converted video with sound not being present and that it seems AVS has several Codecs that at this time are not supported, can you please post a list of non-supported audio codecs, so that if we do not use those codecs when encoding a file? It will be much easier than having to go through the trouble of re-encoding the original file after coming here to ask "why my file doesn't have audio...", etc., etc.

Thank you!
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02.10.19 15:27:01
To: sam05

Dear user,

All the information you will find on the official website:

the full list of supported video formats and codecs you can read here: https://onlinehelp.avs4you.com/avs-video-editor/features/savingvideos/supportedformats.aspx
the full list of supported audio formats and codecs you can read here: https://onlinehelp.avs4you.com/avs-audio-editor/working/supportedformats/audioformats.aspx

Kind regards
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