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Posts: 3
Registered: 19.01.2009
19.01.09 06:01:32
Hi there

I've recently downloaded your Audio Editor and was quite pleased to see that it's a very complete solution, but I''ve run into a small problem with the DirectX and VST integration.
I have a few DirectX audio plugins on my machine. The thing is that when I tried to 'refresh DirectX' the first time about ffdshow which I asked to be loaded everytime. After that it 'froze' after loading 'Pin Tee Block' and it doesnt' do anything else.

Now I'm not sure what the problem is (the ffdshow plugin) or some other plugin that might be making the Audio Editor 'freeze'.

Any lights on this subject?

I can send you a screen cpature tonight if you need

I'm using the latest version downloaded from your site yesterday

Thanks in advance,

Pedro Moreira
Posts: 569
Registered: 16.05.2008
19.01.09 07:26:19
To: pedrompor

Hello Pedro,

After that it 'froze' after loading 'Pin Tee Block' and it doesnt' do anything else.

That is not clear what do you mean under 'Pin Tee Block'. Please precise or make a screenshot.

Hope to hear from you soon
Posts: 3
Registered: 19.01.2009
19.01.09 09:13:39
To: Dam

Hi Dam

I suppose that's the name of some sort of DirectX plugin, but I'll post in a screenshot tonight. It's probably easier


Posts: 3
Registered: 19.01.2009
20.01.09 06:22:00
To: pedrompor

The plugin I mentioned is 'Infinite Pin Tee' which is a DirectShow Filter.
After that plugin it down't seem to load anything else

Any idea?
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Registered: 22.01.2009
03.03.09 00:55:48
To: pedrompor

Sorry for the delay!

Please could you specify the version of DirectX installed: follow Control Panel > DirectX and check up the version.
Thank you in advance for the information

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