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Registered: 23.12.2008
23.12.08 09:17:11
Hi there,

I have a registered version of your Video Editor 4.1, and also Video Convertor 6, and I intend to download more software when I need it from AVS because I think you guys have awesome software. But the problem I keep having in all of your software is that every time I do a new project, or add audio/video/text/convert etc, my laptop freezes up and says Not Responding, than closes down. I've gotten into the habit of saving every single step I do when adding to projects just so I can return to the same exact spot the next time round. And if I forget to do this, it basically 'sucks 2 be me'....lol:-D

So if anyone can shed some light on this for me it will be greatly appreciated!! I'm running Vista Home Basic.

Thanks in advance!!
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Registered: 23.12.2008
23.12.08 13:56:05
Me again. I've gotten the problem signature that comes up before the program closes. Could this be a software problem or something to do with Vista?

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: AVSVideoEditor.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 00000000
Fault Module Name: AVSAudioCompress4.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 49070232
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000123c0
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 5129
Additional Information 1: fd00
Additional Information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
Additional Information 3: fd00
Additional Information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
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Registered: 16.05.2008
24.12.08 04:30:26
To: 2ew


Please provide us with the following information:
- your laptop configuration
- your actions step by step
- try to install AVS Audio Converter and convert some audio (to be sure that it's only video issue)

We will be also glad to receive a sample of the video, you are trying to convert. Please, upload it to our FTP server, so, that we will reproduce the error.

Best Regards
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Registered: 19.12.2008
19.12.08 19:11:19
I downloaded and reinstalled several times in the nearly month of buying it. I have yet to get in. what does class not register mean? I keep getting that message. I want to convert my movie files to other file formats. which is best to do this. if I can get only one program to work I want it one I need to work in. also if windows installer are messed up could that be why my programs are not installing correctly? I get that message on other things. not related to you software. but is it possible to have a problem there that causing it to not open? I must of did ten to fifteen re-installs. can anyone help. I orginal wanted to convert file format to make DVD for christmas presents. I really would like to work in one system. I also have dazzle. which works.
here are my print screens of the messages I have gotten already. maybe some one can help. I really want a working system.]-:)*SOS*
would an older file work perhaps?
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Registered: 16.05.2008
25.12.08 01:50:11
To: langels


To avoid the problem please completely uninstall AVS4YOU software from your PC. Instructions below:

1. Go Start> All Programs> AVS4YOU> Uninstall.

2. Go Start> Run... Print regedit in the opened window and click Ok. In the opened Registry Editor window please find and delete all AVS4YOU folders.



3. Go Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > AVS4YOU (delete it).
Go Local Disc (C:) > Program Files > Common Files> AVSMedia (delete it).
Go Local Disc (C:)>> Documents and Settings>> All Users>> Application Data>> AVS4YOU (delete it).

After that please install AVS software once again. First, please install AVS Video Converter following this link and run Repair function. Inform me about the result (screenshot will be enough)

Then make a screenschot of the device manager. Right click on My Computer field>>Properties>>Hardware>>Device Manager

Hope to hear from you soon.
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