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Registered: 16.02.2016
23.10.16 01:56:05
Some suggestions for AVS VIDEO EDITOR's users who wants speed encoding and has slow pc:

1. Use temporary caching (Edit / settings / enviroment / temporary cache)

2. Use x264 codec for mp4 and avi files with these settings:
.Select x264 codec
.Click on advanced
.Bitrate settings (Single pass quantizer - Level 5.1 - Quantizer=20)
Quantizer finds true bitrate for your video.. I use 20 for quantizer value but if you want you can select between 18 - 22..
.Select 8x8 transform and spatial for direct mode
.More settings (partition decision=6, method=hexagonal, max ref=1, threads=2 (4 for quad core cpu ), deblock= 1 1 (good for macroblock), disable cabac)

Your encode speed will be improved about least %50
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24.10.16 11:54:17
To: turkcan84

Thank you for the information.
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