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Registered: 11.11.2014
18.09.16 00:08:41
I have recently noticed that any discs I make (Blu-Ray and SD) have noticeable juddering when they are played back. I'm sure this hasn't always been the case, and my PC and Camcorder are the same; the only thing that has changed has been a couple of AVS updates. The judder happens every second or so and it seems to skip/add an additional frame in the mix.

Does anyone have a work around for this or am I missing something when I select my disc settings?

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Registered: 12.07.2011
19.09.16 07:42:59
To: maffie587

Hi Matt!

Please continue the correspondence in our Support System to get individual help.

Make sure you use the latest versions of AVS Software. Update completely if necessary.

Also please specify the following:

<1> The program you use.
<2> Whether the issue appears only after you burn the video to a disc or not.
<3> Your actions step by step.
<4> PC configuration.
<5> The original file you work with (format, origin).
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