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Registered: 04.05.2016
04.05.16 18:24:27
so i make video edits with instrumental hip hop music. When i have a video on the main video track, and i put an external music file on the audio track, the music is out of sync. what i mean by this is that the audio doesn't play chronologically. say for instance that the music is 5 minutes long, when the visual track ends playing, the music is not done yet. When i start the clip somewhere in the middle, the audio doesn't play the particular moment that i click, it basically starts playing some other random part. How can i fix this?
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05.05.16 11:33:23
To: henkypanky

Dear user,

If the music file is an external file, you can move the file on the timeline to match the video.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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