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Registered: 02.04.2016
02.04.16 06:40:51
I am trying to generate a text to speech audio file in AVS Editor. The only thing stopping me is that the text to speech button isn't active. I am running Win 10 pro with Australian TTS as default. Is there something else I have to do? The help file is easy to follow but I just can't click the button.
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05.04.16 10:41:35
To: Ricked

Dear Rick,

Please try to follow the recommendations below:
(1). Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Speech.
(2). On the Text-to-Speech tab, click Audio Output.
(3). Follow the instructions presented on the screen to enable the audio output device.

Inform about the result please.

Kind regards
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Registered: 03.04.2016
10.04.16 04:08:30
To: Nat

Hi Nat,
Thankyou for the reply.
That was all done prior to installing AVS editor.
Cortana responds to my voice commands. The main problem is that when I select an area in an open audio file to insert text to speech the text to speech button is not active. It doesn't open up the window to type the text in to convert to audio. It doesn't matter what format the file is in, it just wont open.
Any other suggestions?

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11.04.16 09:29:41
To: Revon2@bigpond.com

Hi Rick!

Please be advised that your request has been answered in our Support System.
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Registered: 03.04.2016
13.04.16 02:39:53
To: Lynxy

Hi Lynx,
Thanks for the clarification and, for the edification of all other users, here is why it doesn't work at the moment.

"Our developers have analyzed the problem. Unfortunately, this function in our program is now disabled on Windows 10 because of the incompatibility with the new features of Speech API."

I guess the developers will figure out the problem and include it in a future update.

For anybody wishing to use TTS in an audio file there is a free program called Balabolka and it works seamlessly with Windows 10.

Thanks again Lynx


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