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Registered: 01.03.2016
01.03.16 20:37:24

I just started working for a new company that downloaded your software onto my computer. I am required to convert videos using your video converter and i had no problems doing small or quick scenes under 3mins. However when doing larger videos i get the following error message "AVSVideoConverter has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." Windows doesnt seems to have a solution to his problem so now i am here trying to fix it.

I have done some research online and using this forum and have come across other people that had the same problem, however none of the solutions seemed to work for me. I have a windows 7 64bit OS.

To start, I cant seem to find the repair option that allows you to see the DLLs even when i searched %COMMONPROGRAMFILES(x86)%\AVSMedia\ActiveX\Repairing.exe

It doesnt find anything along with the option of repair going through the start window>AVSYOU> there is no repair option. I have the whole package downloaded to my computer so i dont know why there isnt a repair option. is it no longer existing?

So i have deleted/unistalled the program and cleaned out the registry, completely and it still crashes when i try to convert large video files.

Whats the solution and hopefully its an easy one! any questions please PM me or post here as i have videos due tonight! thanks!!
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02.03.16 07:22:49
To: primesource


Your request has been answered in another thread.

Best regards.
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