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Registered: 24.12.2015
24.12.15 20:36:39
Just wondering if anyone has any information on the different definitions for what the channels do. For example when I record my guitar, before recording I have to choose the channel (among other things) and i have it set to 2/0 stereo. It records, however only displays in in the one channel for editing. So, I'm trying to figure out how to get the recorded music into the second channel so that the channels can be edited indepentantly. There's numerous other channel settings available to pick from however not functional with my windows 8.1 laptop eg 2/2 (which I thought would provide the recorded info on separate channels for editing.

Any input here would be appreciated.
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26.12.15 08:19:00
To: jrcashman

Dear user,

Please try to update drivers for your Scarlett Solo device and check the device settings (make sure they are not set to recording one channel).

Thank you for cooperation.

Best regards
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