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Registered: 10.08.2015
10.08.15 18:01:23
I am having some trouble getting the video attached to play. An error report keeps saying the extension can not be found for 101_1019.AVI. Every time the video plays everything is blank accept the music, transitions, etc. that I put in. This video is very important and I would like to know how can this video be recovered. Thank you so very much for your help in advanced.

Can anyone help me restore my video???
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11.08.15 07:42:52
To: sjourda1

As far as I understand you get "Can't find file..." message when trying to playback the project in AVS Video Editor.
Note, a file with *.vep extension is not a video file, but a project file that contains the scheme of your project and links to the media files used in this project. This file can be loaded into AVS Video Editor only and serves to save the results of your work if you have not yet finished editing.
When you open the project in AVS Video Editor and a warning pops up "Can't find file...", please select Browse option to load the necessary file from another directory into the project.
Here are the guidelines on working with projects.
It is strongly recommended not to change the location of the media files used in your project while working on it.
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