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Registered: 10.02.2015
10.02.15 03:00:41
Have just read a number of posts where people are complaining about the unlimited licence and how they cannot reinstall on a new computer.
From my understanding:
The licence is not attached to the computer case, hard drives, RAM, graphic cards, sound cards , keyboards or mouse (meece / Mice) or other programs as all these can change on a particular computer. So what makes uour computer unique? - the CPU. So if you change your motherboard, buy a new computer, computer crashes so you have to get a new CPU then your licence expires with that.
Sure we can complain and get some freeware alternatives, or some other programs where updates do not occur or are infrequent. But look what we get for that $59 licence:
These programs I use in order of frequency:
AVS Media Player alt Windows Media player but so complex
AVS Document converter - saves having to spend $180 on Microsoft Office to read docx files and convert them
AVS Audio Editor - Marvelous for extracting mp3 files from videos such as those on youtube and changing the sound so that the volume is consistent song to song.
AVS Video Editor - I have spent $100s on Pinnacle versions 9, 12, 17 to stay updated. - Updates here are free.
and it also has a screen recorder built in (had purchased BSR screen recorder $50 + before this)
AVS Video Converter - conversion can also be done in the Pinnacle products.
AVS Photo Editor - limited editor lacks layers, text options vectore and ability to have windowed mode with a number of images viewable in the work area at once. For editing I have used Photoshop ($120 per year), but favorite is Paint Shop Pro (about $80 per year for each upgrade which builds and adds some new features each year)
AVS Audio Converter and AVS Image Converter have limited use as many of the other programs do that conversion when you save in a different format - so could do without these.

So the savings on a lifetime of computer licence are much greater than the cost of buying a new licence with a new computer. If you can afford to change to a new computer each 3 years then you can also afford the new licence for that computer. ($20 / year)

Now a missing program that AVS could do (as well as the changes suggested for the Photo Editor, but perhaps they are too far behind on that one and it will suit the average email it/ post it on social media user anyway)
I use Internet Download Manager ($25) free and regular updates although they are thinkig of charging a new price for major upgrades - useful for downloading all manner of files and any videos that play on social media and youtube at the click of a button. I think AVS is missing this program.
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Registered: 10.02.2015
10.02.15 03:09:04
To: hartpaul

Just as an afterthought - (could not see how to edit previous post) I was wondering about this situation,

I have 1 desktop computer = 1 CPU

I have three C drives - one with XP, one with Win 7 and one with Win 8.
Switching between these is only a matter of -computer off, unplug sata cable from one drive and plug into the drive with the system I want to use. I would like AVS programs to be available under all three systems so if the installation is not related to the hard drives but to the CPU then it should work. So there will be three installations on three hard drives, but only one can be used at a time.

In addition I will clone the drives t replacement drives stored away from the computer. If I have a gard drive fail then a replacement with all programs installed is only a 5 minute deal compared wiith the many hours reinstalling all the programms and operating system. Likewise the hard drives will only be used in that desktop system so I hope that that is also allowable.
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11.02.15 13:10:01
To: hartpaul

Dear user,

Thank you for your kind feedback and very helpfull information.

Concerning the question with hard drives - you can activate the software on all the OS installed on your PC.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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Registered: 01.07.2015
15.07.15 16:18:45
Great to see this positive experience Paul, good luck!
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Registered: 15.01.2016
15.01.16 14:43:07
Hi Nat... I'd like to express some satisfaction for two aspects of your programs. I have an unlimited license to the suite of programs by AVS4YOU. I use the audio editor most and it works great. It has a similar interface and functions to a program (no longer available in this form) I have used for years, Audition. The AVS4YOU suite has a simple, non-fancy interface that must save the programs from bloating. We often complain about the size and complexity of certain applications that are pretty, but have less functionality. AVS4YOU suite and programs are highly functional without the bloat... Thanks.

File converter is another great program I use often, and it works as advertised.

There are certain aspects of the programs that I would like to change or add to, but not enough to gripe about.
I'm retired on a fixed income and any program I purchase needs to be of high enough value for me to invest in. This suite of programs is worth considerably more than the asking price and when discounted astounds me!

Thanks AVS4YOU, and you Nat, for responding to my requests; E.g. conversion between Word to WordPerfect and the reverse, and larger typefaces in the commands structure.
Thanks... Larry
Posts: 2364
Registered: 03.07.2008
18.01.16 06:33:42
To: Larry Pregler

Dear Larry,

Thank you for your kind feedback.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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