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Registered: 06.07.2014
07.07.14 00:00:25
OS: Windows 7
AVS Document Converter Version:


When I try to open an EPUB file, I get the following message: "The document was opened with error. Code: -2147220736"

I've had the same problem two times before and with the help of some random uninstalling, file deletion, installing and only Devil knows what else, I managed to solve it. But third time is a charm they say, in reverse in my situation, and now no amount of the previous magic works. If my observation is correct, the problem arises when I start Adobe Acrobat XI. The "smart cookie" I am (•:, I acted on my suspicion of the culprit just for the sake of experimentation, which brings me to my current situation of lack of imagination and excess of frustration as of what to do next.

The things I've already tried:
Uninstalling the application
Repairing the DLL files
Deleting the DLL files
Trying the above with AVSUninstallCleaner.exe [without the reboot option]
Repairing registry keys with third party software
Uninstalling the alleged troublemaker, Adobe Acrobat XI, to no avail
Using patch for the similar MOBI problem from another post

The problem is not with a specific EPUB. I've tried multiple EPUB files, including successfully converted with AVS prior to the mishap.
Also, it doesn't seem to load DOCX files. Although there is just an empty tab and no error code. But it might have always been like that, for all I know. It does open PDF, DOC, RTF and MOBI though and crashes when I try with TXT files.

Please excuse any linguistic nonsense, I'm not a native speaker.
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Registered: 03.07.2008
09.07.14 08:12:34
To: morb

Dear user,

Thank you for the detailed information about the issue.

Do you have any problems with other AVS4YOU software?

Please attach one of the .epub files to your next message.

Try to uninstall all the software traces using AVS ultility.

Then repair AVS files:

1. Close all AVS programs and other running applications.

2. Copy the following link to the address bar of My computer window and press <Enter>:

If you run 32bit PC: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\AVSMedia\ActiveX\Repairing.exe

If you run 64bit PC: %COMMONPROGRAMFILES(x86)%\AVSMedia\ActiveX\Repairing.exe

If some of the .dlls are not registered, please make a screenshot of the Repair window showing those files and send it to us.

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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Registered: 15.09.2014
15.09.14 12:11:08
To: morb

hav you tried the AVS utility to uninstall yet? I was wondering o how this worked out for you.
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