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Posts: 51
Registered: 04.04.2009
16.01.14 17:14:09
How can I split the vocal from the music to amplify the volume of the vocal?

I am putting the video together with the AVS video editor.

I have Window 7 64 bit
Posts: 2364
Registered: 03.07.2008
17.01.14 11:59:00
To: kendp

Dear user,

Please try to use audio effect to get what you need:

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
Posts: 51
Registered: 04.04.2009
17.01.14 22:07:47
To: Nat

Thanks, I will give it a try. I had not thought of using the video editor.
Posts: 74
Registered: 15.09.2014
19.10.14 18:20:55
To: kendp

Hi Kendp, I was just wondering about this. How did this go for you if I may ask?
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