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Registered: 13.11.2013
13.11.13 05:17:25
I originally made a support post but since it hasn't been answered I'll try posting here.

I have a video file that was created using AverMedia Live Gamer Portable, an HDMI capturing device.

I recorded video that is around 43 minutes long, in MP4 (h264) format, at around 4.8GB. It is 1280x720, 29.97fps.

When I use Video Editor or the Video Converter with this file, the preview window works properly with anything I do with it. However, when I try to make a movie using the default YouTube HD settings (or any other setting), I do not get a playable file. The renderer stops immediately, saying that it finished successfully but all I get is a file that is a few bytes in size and with no playable data.

I have tried files less than 4GB, and also in other formats and they work with no problems. Again, in the preview window everything works perfect. It is only when I try to produce a video using any rendering setting as well as the default YouTube HD one that it is not doing what is being asked.


On a similar note, I've tried to render a different project, and the total size was predicted to be more than 4GB. However during the encoding it stopped with an error at around 80%. When I checked the file size of what was successfully encoded, again it was around the 4GB mark.


At the moment I'm only guessing, but does the AVS family of products have trouble encoding, or cannot produce video if any of the source videos in the project are greater than 4GB? As well, can the encoder not produce any file that is greater than 4GB in size?

My operating system is Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Intel Core i7 4700MQ
Nvidia GeForce GT 750M

Used AVS Video Editor, AVS Video Converter (latest versions as of Nov 8, downloaded straight off the AVS site)
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13.11.13 10:33:12
To: Veritech

Dear Veritech,

You have been assisted in AVS4YOU Support System.

Please try to follow the recomendations and inform about the result.

Kind regards
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Registered: 06.10.2016
06.10.16 06:09:18
To: Nat

I am having a similar issue my problem is that I'm done editing aND once I try to produce it in any format it only creates a 16 second video. And the rest is no where to be found.
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Registered: 06.10.2016
06.10.16 06:27:16
To: Nat
I really need your help the video I'm trying to produce is supposed to go on youtube in a couple of hours please Nat I need your assistance this software is starting to become obnoxious
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Registered: 03.07.2008
07.10.16 12:35:27
To: AlphaMale97

Dear user,

To avoid the problem please reinstall AVS4YOU software following the instructions below:

1. Follow this link and download the utility that will automatically remove all AVS software components from your PC. Save the utility on your computer and launch it.

2. Download and install the latest versions of the necessary programs from our website.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Best regards.
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