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Registered: 13.04.2013
10.11.13 09:26:01

I'm not sure whether this particular problem has been raised before, and don't quite know how to search for it. If it has, would someone point me to the discussion thread, please?

I am using AVS AE I have used iTunes to convert an MP3 CD to AAC files. I wish a) to combine partial chapter tracks into a single m4a file, and b) to change all files so that they have circa 2 sec silence at the start of each track/chapter file, and circa 3 sec silence at the end of each track/chapter.

When I do the above and save the m4a file I find that the file has <1 sec silence at the start, and a very long (up to 3 min) silence at the end. I have checked this for 4 chapters, derived from both a single track, and from multiple tracks. I have trimmed the header and footer segments of these files back to where they should be, but AE still saves them with the v. short header and the v. long footer.

How can I get around this? I can supply samples of the original iTunes AAC files if this will help. My version of iTunes is fully maintained, although it was updated only 3 days ago making the current AAC files 1 version behind my present installation.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Lloyd.
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15.11.13 09:01:44
To: cplloyd42

Dear Paul Lloyd,

Sorry for the delay in reply.

We'd greatly appreciate if you could provide some additional information about the issue so we could assist you:
- describe your actions step by step when editing your audio files (specify what options you used to edit your files, etc.)
- attach your input and out files that are created, if possible

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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08.10.14 17:23:55
Hi cplloyd42, sorry to bump this up but any updates on this so far for you?
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