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Registered: 01.11.2013
01.11.13 02:55:16
When I attempt to trim clips in AVS VIdeo Editor, the program freezes. I lose everything I did and it also corrupts the save file of that project removing all the items that were in the library of that project. I have uninstalled and reinstalled as per the thread of another customer having the same problem. http://forum.avs4you.com/posts.aspx?lng=ENG&t=4048

Still, the program freezes when I attempt to trim a clip.

Attached is my DXdiag.txt - I am using a Lenovo y580 upgraded to windows ultimate.
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Registered: 01.11.2013
01.11.13 03:04:45
To: GrinningStudio

Further information.
The video is from a Sony HD camcorder .MTS file.
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Registered: 01.11.2013
01.11.13 03:23:49
Update: I converted the file to h.264 avi in AVS video converter, then attempted to edit and trim that converted video in AVS Video Editor. The program froze just like before. No change. This editor is the reason I paid... But it appears to be broken for me. If it can't be fixed, I will want a refund.
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Registered: 01.11.2013
01.11.13 04:20:59
Update: I updated my nVidia drivers, still crashed. found this thread below:

disabled my nvidia drivers in device manager. Now it works. Though I do a lot of gaming on this computer... It is a bit annoying that I have to disable nvidia drivers when editing and reenable them when done. Annoying, but at least it works now.

Is there going to be a fix for this in the future?
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Registered: 03.07.2008
06.11.13 11:06:37
To: GrinningStudio

Dear user,

Thank you for the detailed information provided.

You might have power saving automatic mode used on your PC, so your PC can switch between your video cards while using AVS Video Editor, that is why you need to use one of your video cards at a time to avoid the problem.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
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