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Registered: 10.07.2013
15.07.13 01:50:51
Hello, I am using an HP envy M4 here in the US. Its an intel core i7 2.20 ghz, 8 gb ram running windows 8 64 bit. The recorded videos are saved to the computer in an avi file format but will not play in the avs player, vlc, windows media player, etc. I have also tried converting the videos but they give me an error at about 80% The files are very large like between 24-70 gb. I MUST get these videos working, PLEASE HELP.
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Registered: 03.07.2008
17.07.13 07:30:04
To: tyler2dx

Dear user,

Please specify if you could play the video files before.

Can you playback any other AVI files on your PC players?

Thank you for cooperation.

Kind regards
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