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Experienced User
Posts: 83
Registered: 30.06.2009
27.04.13 09:32:02
why are the names of the transition groups not in alphabetical order ? and how can I make a new group or my favorites ?
Experienced User
Posts: 83
Registered: 30.06.2009
27.04.13 09:30:42
how can I determine the name of the transition in a project ?
there MUST be a way ?
I open a project
I click on a transition
and it does NOT tell me the name of the transition >???
or I can not find it

which ???

Posts: 2364
Registered: 03.07.2008
29.04.13 08:47:28
To: greggustin

Dear user,

Unfortunately transitions are not in the alphabetical order and it is not possible to create a folder for favourite transitions.

After adding the transition to the timeline, its name is not displayed.

We are sorry for any inconvenieces caused and will surely pass your suggetions over to our developers.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you.

Kind regards
Experienced User
Posts: 83
Registered: 30.06.2009
29.04.13 19:39:07
To: Nat

thanks for answer
Posts: 35
Registered: 16.03.2013
05.05.13 15:21:33
To: Nat

Thanks for confirming this. At least we won't spend time on looking for something that is not available yet. +1 on this please.
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