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Posts: 2
Registered: 26.10.2010
26.10.10 14:35:56
I get the error "SLClient.dll not installed". Tried un- and re-installing but no luck.
Any ideas?

Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
27.10.10 07:43:35
To: larrys3255

Hello Larry,

It is unknown error...

Could you please attach a screenshot of the error message?

To make a screenshot, please,
- press PrtScn to copy the screenshot to the clipboard;
- open a graphics editing program (e.g. Microsoft Paint, select Start\Run..., enter 'mspaint' and press OK to start it);
- press Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot from the clipboard;
- save the image in PNG format;
- attach the image file to your message.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.
Posts: 2
Registered: 26.10.2010
28.10.10 10:29:47
To: Vlad

Here is the screen grab. The OS is Windows Server 2003.

Larry Simpson
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Posts: 2396
Registered: 29.01.2012
29.10.10 04:07:54
To: larrys3255

Thank you for the screenshot and info.

Our developers are working on the problem. As soon as the fix is ready I'll let you know. Please wait.

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